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  AKCS install & repair telephone extensions, telephone systems (PABX Systems) & ADSL.
  AKCS are also Cumbria's premiere dealer for the Elmeg range of PABX telephone systems
  - such as the Elmeg ICT-880 rack, and the Elmeg T484 for small office / home office.

  If you have an internal fault on one of your telephone extensions, AKCS can often
  repair this at a lower cost than your telephone service supplier.

  Elmeg PABX's are ideal for use in Hotels, offices, small, medium, and large corporate
  organisations - such as our Clients
  All models are upgradeable to add multiple external and internal lines (with support
  for ISDN2e, ISDN30, SIP (VoIP) and POTS, alarm call functions, direct-dial functions,
  voicemail, call billing printers, and more.

  Other features of the Elmeg PABX include the ability to read call data through a
  desktop or laptop computer, either via the USB interface, or through a network
  connection (optional).
  A printer can also be connected to the PABX if you prefer to have a simple printout of
  telephone calls made.

  If you need a PABX system, with or without VoIP capability, we can cater to your
  exact needs, at a price you will like.

  If you would like a quote, either call round to our premises (Click here for map),
  call us on (01946) 64288, or email us at
AKCS provide Elmeg PABX Telephone Systems, such as the Elmeg T484, Elmeg ICT 880 & Elmeg ICT 880-Rack. For our home customers, we also install & repair telephone extensions, wireless broadband, wi-fi, internet, and computer problems.
VoIP Capable PABX's:
Elmeg ICT 880 rack (ISDN/POTS)
Elmeg ICT 880 rack XT(ISDN/POTS)

Elmeg PABX Downloads:

T484 PABX (.pdf)
ICT 880 PABX (.pdf)
ICT 880 RACK (.pdf)

WinTools ICT (.exe)
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